Delonghi Dedica Disassembly Video

The short/cut version on YouTube

Save $100-300 by avoiding a technician to fix it.

I’m a technician of this machine myself and I understand the costs of taking it to a technician to fix it for you. The reality is, the Delonghi Dedica is well-built and easy take apart if you know the right steps and this makes fixing any issue you have quicker and more cost-effective.

Who is this disassembly video for?

In the video, I discuss many different issues and problems that specifically come up with this machine and how to fix them. You could save possibly hundreds of dollars by fixing the problem yourself instead of getting a technician to fix it for you. See a full list of the issues I cover.

Not only this is a great guide on the steps of disassembling your Delonghi Dedica, but me personally being an actual technician of these machines – I will share the subtleties, nuances, and little tricks that make for better repairs and understanding of the Dedica as well as describe what each of the important parts does inside your machine.

What issues will I be able to fix or learn?

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What do I get?

  • A full-length 1h 06m 52s long disassembly video
  • A list of timestamps to skip ahead in the video


  • A comprehensive part list with part numbers and links to Amazon to buy the replacement parts
  • Access to our premium support email, to help explain any issues that may not be covered in the video

Solve machine issues

In the disassembly, I many common different issues that come up with this machine and how to fix them.

Know your machine

Know your machine in and out by following along opening it up step by step, and learning what each part does.

Prevent issues

I show you how to prevent issues from coming up. Anything from general maintenance, to keeping parts in order.

What our Do-It-Yourself'ers have said

Obet Bal
“Thanks for the disassembly video. it helped me take the guesswork of disassembly. I normally break plastic clips when doing first-time disassembly of such appliances. just trying to figure out why my fill tank and bean lights blinking

Robert Kiss
Thanks a lot for this video! I need to disassemble my la specialista, because the gauge stopped working. I got only to take down the upper cover and was afraid to push the front panel, where the gauge is. I checked the hose to the gauge, looks clean and dry. My next step will be to take out the gauge and test it with some pressurized air. If the gauge itself works, then the O-rings probably leak. Thanks a lot!


Yup thats right, if find the video or email support I offer doesnt help you fix your Delonghi Dedica problem, you can have your money back no questions asked.

Get instant lifetime access to the full disassembly video showcasing exactly how to take apart your Prestigio, how to fix many common issues, and how to put it back together again. This video is aimed at people who want to fix issues themselves, or to learn how your Dedica operates inside and out.

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