Delonghi La Specialista Disassembly Video


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Full La Speacialista Disassembly Video

$15 USD

Get instant lifetime access to the full disassembly video showcasing exactly how to take apart your La Specialista, how to fix many common issues, and how to put it back together again. This video is aimed at people who want to fix issues themselves, or to learn how your La Speacialista operates inside and out.

Who is this disassembly video for?

In the video, I discuss many different issues and problems that specifically come up with this machine and how to fix them. You could save possibly hundreds of dollars by fixing the problem yourself instead of getting a technician to fix it for you. See a full list of the issues I cover.

Not only this is a great guide on the steps of disassembling your La Speacilista, but me personally being an actual technician of these machines – I will share the subtleties, nuances, and little tricks that make for better repairs and understanding of the La Speacialista as well as describe what each of the important parts does inside your machine.

What issues will I be able to fix?

What do I get?

  • A full-length 2h 3m long disassembly video
  • A list of timestamps for problems/fixes of where to jump to in the video
  • A part list (with photos) with part numbers with links to Amazon to buy the replacement parts
  • Access to our premium support email, to help explain any issues that may not be covered in the video

Solve machine issues

In the disassembly, I cover 9 common different issues that come up with this machine and how to fix them.

Know your machine

Know your machine in and out by following along opening it up step by step, and learning what each part does.

Prevent issues

I show you how to prevent issues from coming up. Anything from general maintenance, to keeping parts in order.

Disassemble your La Specialista with an expert today

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